Prefilter Viking 10SL


Set of Small size (Apartment filter) of filters Viking Total Cleaner for up to 50000 liters of water consumption a year. It prevents scale build up. Removes Chlorine, Chemicals, Metals, Sediment, Pesticides, Toxins, Rust, etc.



There are huge benefits to installing a complete water treatment system in your house, especially in Spain, where the quality of water is poor, often undrinkable and usually full of harmful additives such as chlorine. Our whole house water systems are specifically designed to address these problems. Spanish tap water generally has high levels of chlorine which can adversely affect our health. It is also as a rule very hard water which causes calcification and damage to domestic appliances such as washing machines. Our filters significantly reduce levels of chemicals, including chlorine and they, soften water, so increasing the life and efficiency of your appliances whilst decreasing their running costs. A With our complete filtration system not only will you have healthy fresh water in your showers and water basins – promoting healthier skin and hair – but also your laundry will be fresher and cleaner at less cost, and all your domestic appliances from boilers to espresso machines will be protected against calcification. Our filter systems are environment-friendly and use the very latest water technologies to target specific condition in Spain. They don’t use electricity or waste water. A So, better overall health and a more comfortable home-life awaits you and your family! Our whole house water filtration systems which can be installed in villas, apartments, offices, restaurants etc… are available in different sizes.

Small size/Apartment set of filters Viking Total Cleaner for up to 50 000 liters of water consumption/year
Prevents scale build up
Removes: Chlorine, Chemicals, Metals, Sediment, Pesticides, Toxins, Rust, etc.

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