The ecoagua filter is designed for purification of the tap water from chlorine, organic and organochlorine substances, heavy metals, iron, petroleum, mechanical particles and other undesirable impurities. It reduces the content of hardness salts.


Our developments and technologies make it possible to ensure the excellent water quality in your house. This manual describes all of the functions and installation procedure of ecoagua water filtering system. Please carefully read and keep it for future use. The water filter set includes all required parts to use the system immediately after installation.


The ecoagua filter is designed for purification of the tap water from chlorine, organic and organochlorine substances, heavy metals, iron, petroleum, mechanical particles and other undesirable impurities. It reduces the content of hardness salts.
The compact filter ecoagua includes all the traditional methods of water treatment: mechanical filtration, ion exchange, sorption, iron removal and disinfection.
The filter is equipped with the composite cartridge, which combines unique properties of Eco-Polymer material and high-quality coconut carbon (carbon block); this leads to increase of sorption purification capacity from chlorine and organic matter. Despite its compact size, Eco-Polymer provides high resource high efficiency of water purification


RELIABLE and ECO-friendly stainless steel housing

❑ The housing is tested at the pressure of 25 atm.
❑ Clamp connection provides tightness and easy cartridge replacement.
❑ Stainless steel housing guarantees reliability and durability.


Everything you need to connect the filter is included in the delivery set. Cartridge replacement is made without special tools or arrangements.


The filter takes 3 times less space than a conventional three-stage filter.

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* The actual service life depends on contamination degree of the source water

The 99,999% removal of viruses and bacteria from water was confirmed by research institutes of Europe and Russia:

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It is recommended to install the filter with the assistance of a qualified expert or a representative of the manufacturer.
Do not disassemble the equipment without need.

PLEASE NOTE! Before you begin work, shut off the water supply and reduce the pressure by opening any faucet below the shut-off position.





The system is attached to the cold water main.
Take out the filter from the packaging. Remove transport plugs. Press the end of the screwdriver on the plastic ring in the connector and pull out the plug. Cut the pipe provided in the set into two parts, and attach each of the parts to the “in” and “out” nozzles of the filter (fig. 1). Place the filter in the location convenient for further operation. To make cartridge replacement more convenient, leave a 15 cm clearance between the floor and the bottom of the filter body


Make sure that the water supply line is shut off!
1. Install the adapter T-piece (A) on the cold water main, and seal the junctions (fig. 1)
2. Insert the plastic pipe into the nut (B) Install the pipe fully into the nozzle of the ball valve and tighten the nut (fig. 3)




Drill a 12 mm diameter hole in the sink.
Assemble the water tap in the following sequence:

❑ faucet
❑ decorative washer
❑ rubber gasket
❑ rubber washer
❑ plastic washer
❑ split washer
❑ metal nut.

Secure the faucet on the sink. Pass through the blue-color tube into nut (Е) (Fig. 1). Insert piston (Z) inside the tube as far as it will go. Put plastic stop ring (L) onto the tube end (Fig. 2). Screw the nut onto the threaded faucet rod (Fig. 3).


Before starting to use the filter, wash it through for 2-5 minutes. Wash the filter through after replacing the cartridge and after a lengthy interruption in use (more than 5 days). There’s air left in the system after the installation of the new filter or after replacing the cartridge. This leads to excessive water aeration (visually the water appears to be of milky white color). As the filter is used, the air will leave the system and the cleaned water will become transparent.


Cut off the water supply to the filter. Open clear water faucet. Disconnect the tube from filter. Loose the clamp connection (Fig. 1) open the clamp and detach the cover from the housing (Fig. 2).
Remove the cartridge (Fig. 3). Remove the plug from the bottom part of the cartridge and put it at the new one. Install new cartridge and put it at the filter cap. Lubricate the o-ring with silicone grease (not sealant!) or vaseline.
Insert the cartridge with the cap into the housing and latch the clamp. Screw the clamp connections. Supply water to the filter and make sure that there is no leakage in all connections, rectify if required. Let the water run through the filter for 2 minutes.


PLEASE NOTE! Tighten the collar clamp if there should be any leakage from under the lid of the body.

ATTENTION! In case of do-it-yourself connection, the manufacturer bears no responsibility and accepts no claims resulted from the incorrect connection.

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